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We make it easy for you to set up your protection, check your security status, and extend your protection to other PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets.


What Is Norton Antivirus?

Digital conversion takes a huge leap on a daily basis - to protect your information, you are definitely looking for a product that will protect everything at once. Norton is one such product that includes a range of skills. Whenever we often hear the word 'Norton' an image of anti-virus pops up in our minds. Well, the rated square in those days when Norton was just a degree-related antivirus, is now a fully packaged product that offers many layers of protection to the device it's installed on. Not only that, however Norton improves the speed of your device and removes this information, files, archives, etc. Even within the Norton 360 package, we often find a large number full of options such as anti-spyware, anti-virus, Malware, and Ransomware protection.

In addition, Norton features advanced features such as Cloud-backup, Firewall (accessible per computer and MAC), name management, parental management, secure VPN, secure computer cam, and bric-a-brac . Everything the user dreams of is in the middle of this Norton 360.

How To Create Norton Account?

The initial step to launching Norton’s product is to make a secured account on Norton’s official web site. you simply need to follow the below-mentioned set of directions so as to make AN account on Norton.

  • Firstly, you may need to visit the subsequent

  • Then you may see my accounts tab you just need to click it.

  • After this can be done, you may need to click the choice of check in.

  • Now, you’ve got to fill all told your details that are asked as a method of sign language up.

  • With the user id and word you’ve got created, you’ve got to log in to your account.

  • After doing this you may see a page wherever you’ve got to conform to the terms and conditions, here you just need to click the I conform to

  • Congratulations! you’ve got with success created a Norton account. you may get notified regarding identical.


In case you’re facing any problem accessing the webpage then it’s counseled merely| that you just} simply search Norton Account Creation on your computer program.

Now, that we’ve created a Norton account, let’s see the way to transfer the Norton computer code.

Norton Support

Advantages Of Norton

Norton was one of the first antivirus answers for Windows PCs, and we've been advancing for quite a long time to foster better approaches to assist with ensuring PCs.

Manage Your Daily Life. Anytime. Anywhere.

At any time and from anywhere, sign in to your account to manage your subscriptions, update your profile, change your billing preferences, or renew your protection.

Lost or stolen device protection to keep you secure

If your device is lost or stolen, you can remotely lock and track it, sound an audible alarm, take a photo when the screen is activated, and wipe your personal information to prevent access.

Help protect more devices with your subscription

We make it easy for you to set up your protection, check your security status, and extend your protection to other PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets.

How to Activate Norton?

Norton encompasses a wide selection of subscription plans, you’ll select no matter suits you the simplest beforehand from Norton’s official web site to avoid any confusion throughout the activation method. For activating Norton, follow these steps:

  • Go to the taskbar at very cheap of your system.

  • Click on the beginning menu.

  • Now from here, navigate to the search bar, and so here write Norton and press enter.

  • A list can seem, here you may got to choose the Norton file. Click this file and run the .exe file.

  • Now move to the My accounts section and so you may got to sign on to your account from here mistreatment your login credentials.

  • After this head to My subscription

  • You will see a listing of subscription plans here, you’ll select the arrange that suits you the foremost.

  • After choosing the arrange you may got to enter the digits that square measure pertinent to your activation code while not creating any mistakes.

  • Now that you simply} have entered the digits just press the submit button to proceed.

How To Transfer Your Protection From One Device To Another Device

Your membership accompanies a set number of licenses to secure your different gadgets. In the event that you have spent your licenses, you can move a permit from an unused gadget to permit establishment on another gadget. To check in the event that you have any licenses left with your membership, read Find the licenses left with your membership.

These steps are for transferring a license if you have used all of your licenses.

  1. Sign in to your account

  2. On the Device Security page, identify the device that you no longer want to protect.


You cannot remove the license associated with a device that has a red or gray (inactive) status. You must fix the issues in that device before you remove the license associated with it. If you cannot fix the issues, you can remove the device from your account.

  1. If you do not see the device, click View History link at the bottom of the device list to see your older inactive devices. If you still do not see the device, the device may be associated with a different product key or subscription.

  2. Click the More options icon available below the device and in the menu that appears, click Manage License.

  3. In the Manage Licenses page, select Remove License and then click Yes to confirm.


Once you remove a license from a device, the device is no longer protected and is removed from the Device Security page.

  1. To install the protection on a new device, click Install Now.

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation. For detailed steps, read Download your protection on your device.